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1350.00 EUR
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1350.00 EUR

  • Selection of targets by movement direction
The radar gun can be switched to measure speed of only following or only oncoming targets, or to control both directions. For example, the mode "following targets" while operating through the rear window is interesting: targets are detected which move in the same direction as the patrol car.

  • Measuring the speed of the fastest target of a flow
The radar gun accurately selects the fastest target under a speed difference of 4 km/h and higher and the ratio of 1/100 of the reflecting surface area of the target and the total reflecting surface area of the group. This means that a violator exceeding the speed regime cannot hide in the flow behind large size cars.

  • Measurement distance adjustment
There are three levels of sensitivity: minimal, medium and maximal. When the maximum level is used the revealing distance in the stationary mode reaches 700 - 800 m (765 - 875 yds). Distance adjustment allows to tune the device to work in different conditions, taking into account road signs location, traffic intensity and weather.

  • Manual or automatic mode in stationary position
Measuring of speed in a stationary position is the most usual mode of operation. It is possible to operate the device in the autonomous mode without a patrol car.

  • Speed control from moving car
More detailed information of operation ways when moving >

  • Adjustment of speed threshold
The initial setting of the threshold speed value is 72 km/h (45 mph). If necessary, it is possible to change the threshold value with a step of 1 km/h (0,6 mph).

  • Indication of microwave radiation, power source condition, chosen operation modes.
Operation modes being changed, batteries being discharged, corresponding symbols appear on the indication panel.

  • Memory for storing data of two violators
Two independent memory cells allow working with two drivers-violators simultaneously. Each cell stores information of speed and time elapsed from the moment of detecting a violation. The duration of data storing in memory is 10 minutes.
  • Distinctive features and advantages

  • Low weight and compactness
Since the moment of its creation "ISKRA-1" is the indisputable leader amongst Russian radar guns. The radar gun has unique characteristics: the weight of 710 g including the built-in accumulator and charging device!

  • Lithium-ionic accumulator batteries
Accumulator batteries built in the handle provide for not less than 16 hours of continuous work in the autonomous mode. The charging device is also built in the body of the radar gun, which allows charging the accumulators from the vehicle-borne electric network without interrupting operation.

  • Energy-saving features
Energy consumption of the device is controlled by the processor. Under a long idle time the device switches to the "sleeping" mode.

  • High accuracy and processing speed
The impulse way of measurement applied in the radar gun "ISKRA-1" provides high processing speed. Within less that one second the radar gun repeatedly measures both the own speed and the speed of a target, eliminates possible errors, statistically processes results of the measurements and indicates them on the panel or sends them to a computer.

  • Working frequency of 24,15 GHz (K-band)
This frequency band provides for better selection of targets owing to the relatively narrow direction diagram of an antenna of small dimensions, increases work reliability in bad weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.

  • Modular design
The radar gun is assembled out of several separate units like a modern computer. This approach provided for high reliability of each unit and the whole device. Service centers always have reserve of exchangeable units which substantially decreases duration of servicing and repair.

  • Rubber coated metal body
The protecting rubber coating and metal body provide for high mechanical strength of the radar gun, moisture resistance and dust protectability, protects the device when it falls.

  • Bright indication panel
The indication table is made of bright two-color indicators. The information of speed and indications of the timer are automatically output to the panel in turns. Secondary information is indicated on an additional request which makes reading the data easier and eliminates errors.